Bringing Together Current And Future Landlords In Sheboygan County And The Surrounding Areas

At LAA, our purpose is to advance the general welfare of the rental housing industry.

We offer you tremendous value for your investment with LAA.

As a member, you receive access to time-saving documents and forms, a vast knowledge of experience with our members, and proven ways to increase your profits and save time and energy.

We'd love to have you join us and help further your real estate portfolio.
Doug Emerson - Board Member of LAA
Doug Emerson enjoying his dreams traveling the US due to his increase in real estate properties. 
"I started to look into real estate investing in early 2016 as a way to supplement my income for the future. After purchasing a property the hard way, I discovered Lakeshore Apartment Association.

I immediately joined as a board member and haven't looked back. The amount of resources, guidance, and time saved has allowed me to purchase additional properties with ease.

I'd highly recommend joining if you're looking to further your real estate portfolio!"
Doug Emerson
Board Member | Newsletter Editor
Member since 2017

Membership Benefits

We offer more than just these three benefits. View additional benefits to see everything we offer you.

Save Time & Money

Products and services are often made available to members that may make property management easier and/or less time consuming.
We offer reduced rates on lawyer fees, supplies, and prebuilt forms.


Our membership comes together about twelve times per year. These meetings feature local speakers regarding the local market, legal, political landscape and day to day tasks affecting landlords.
Meet other landlords in our area to share experiences and develop best practices to becoming the best we can be.
An annual banquet with prizes, vendors plus food and drink

Prebuilt Forms & Leases

Forms and leases are available for rental application, leases, rental agreements, tenant check-in/check-out, legal notice for non-payment of rent and eviction, along with copies of Federal, State and Local news relating to rental (income) property.
These are updated regularly and stay current to save you time and energy.

Why Join Lakeshore Apartment Association?


Discounts and deals with local vendors


Guest speakers with local knowledge and expertise about the area


Network of local landlords with collective knowledge about the area


Access to custom leases, forms, and notices specific to Wisconsin landlord-tenant law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? 
Can Becoming a Member Help Me 
Grow My Business?
It sure can! A small investment gets you access to a large knowledgeable community to help you address problems, enjoy vendor discounts, and up to date landlord/tenant information, among other additional benefits.
How Much Does It Cost?
Becoming a member is a low cost investment. New and existing members pay the same amount.
What Benefits Do I Get As A Member?
You have monthly newsletters sent to you with important information, vendor discounts, resources for forms and documents, and members to help you grow your rental business. 
There are also discount rates for legal fees.
How Many Times a Year Do You Meet?
We meet twelve times a year to present membership information, new ideas and information from featured speakers. 

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Get to know LAA

LAA was founded in 1980 with the sole purpose to promote education with new and existing landlords and increased representation in real estate legislature. 

The vision has to been to help as many landlords as possible in understanding how real estate investments work and to form a strong resource center to answer any questions or issues along the way.

Would you like to be apart of an organization that can help you achieve your goals quickly and without headaches? 
We'd love to see you become a member and protect your future financial goals.

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